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GOB funds will help in the transformation of this local icon, built in 1926, into a 21st century theatrical venue. The plan to return great regional theater to Coconut Grove must address the structural deterioration of the building, and provide a venue capable of serving as the home for GableStage, the planned successor theater company for the Playhouse.

Project Update (March 13, 2018)

GableStage / GroveStage Completes Updated Business and Transition Plan

GableStage completed an updated business and transition plan for managing and programming the Coconut Grove Playhouse. This celebrated theater company is continuing its work to transition to GroveStage with the help of respected theater management experts AMS Planning & Research. GableStage’s transformation into GroveStage signifies its important new role of serving as our community’s regional theater at the Playhouse.

You can see the results of the updated plan here.  It is important to note that the board and the staff of GableStage are continuing to work with AMS Planning & Research on preparations to make its transformation into GroveStage at the Coconut Grove Playhouse successful and will continue to update the plan as the project evolves.

To view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the project and a comprehensive list of all the previous updates visit: Please note that all earlier updates remain available on this web site and contain more details about the project and its progress.

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