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Advocacy Alert! URGENT: From the Florida Cultural Alliance - Recommendation to Eliminate the NEA

President Trump Recommends Eliminating All Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

NOT FINAL -- this is a first step in the development of the  FY 2018 federal budget.

TAKE ACTION NOW -- eliminating the NEA will
have devastating and ripple effects through
our industry and our communities.

1.  Florida's members of Congress must hear from many
     Floridians NOW to #SaveTheNEA.

2.  Send a quick message NOW to our U.S. Senators and to
     to your U.S. Representative to encourage them not to
     eliminate or cut funding to the NEA.

3.  Post on Facebook and Twitter to activate your friends
     and colleagues to convince Florida's members of
     Congress that NEA matters to Floridians and to resist
     any attempt to cut or eliminate it.

4.  Please sign this petition to President Trump to
     demonstrate our support for the National Endowment
     for the Arts (NEA) BEFORE March 21.  Get others
     to sign it, too.
          1.  Go here to see how many people in each of Florida's counties signed
               the petition as of March 8 and where Florida stands nationally in
               securing signatures. The goal is to secure 100,000 signatures
               throughout the country.  As of 3-8-2017, 45,885 people have signed.

          2.  How does Florida DCA use its annual NEA State Partnership Block grant? 

              Go here to see how its FY 2015-2016 grant was used.

          3.  List of NEA grants awarded to Florida organizations from 2014-2017.

Americans for the Arts Mobilization Center --  access here.

Forwarded on behald of the Florida Cultural Alliance, the state-wide arts advocacy organization.