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Illuminate Coral Gables requests proposals from experienced professionals to lead the region’s first international fine art light festival.

ILLUMINATE CORAL GABLES is a world-class fine art light festival that will debut in downtown Coral Gables in January 2021. Designed to bring the City to life with stunning interactive-art displays, installations may include video mapped projections on buildings, static projections, light sculptures in public spaces, new media, and other light-focused works of fine art. Indoor exhibition space may also be included for presentation of museum quality video, digital, and new media artworks. The Festival seeks to showcase Coral Gables’ position as a leader in innovation, technology, and culture through highlighting Coral Gables’ unique architectural treasures and natural beauty.
Mission Statement as stated in the By-Laws of Illuminate Coral Gables
Illuminate Coral Gables will enhance awareness and appreciation of public, light based, fine art installations, bolster the economic climate of Downtown Coral Gables, and increase collaboration between the City of Coral Gables, Coral Gables based non‐profit community organizations, business owners and residents.

Illuminate Coral Gables seeks an experienced Festival Director and Curator who will work closely with the Illuminate Committee and will play a key role in developing the inaugural festival including working with the Illuminate Coral Gables Committee to establish a curatorial theme; festival goals and objectives; budget and fundraising strategy; cultivation of cultural partners and  financial sponsorships; follow through with curatorial vision; and more as outlined in the Duties and Responsibilities section below.

This is a project-based contract beginning immediately upon execution of an agreement and running through completion and close-out of all festival-related actions. 

Early in 2019, Coral Gables’ active business and cultural partners began meeting to discuss presentation of an international festival of light art. The partners quickly established Illuminate Coral Gables, which is a collaboration between the City of Coral Gables, the Coral Gables Community Foundation, the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, the Business Improvement District of Coral Gables, Coral Gables Museum, and Conde Contemporary. Interest in the festival is growing with interest and support expressed by members of the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs, the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, and more.

Illuminate Coral Gables operates under the charitable umbrella of the Coral Gables Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. The Coral Gables Community Foundation is a leader in community engagement and the arts in Coral Gables. Collectively, partner organizations represent philanthropic leaders as well as cultural leaders in the presentation of music, dance, theater, the performing and visual arts.

Illuminate Coral Gables strives to be an international leader for exceptional art experiences that are all-inclusive, appealing to those interested in cutting-edge new technologies, and include interactive, educational experiences.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Work with the Committee to establish a Curatorial Theme & Vision
• Establish Festival Goals, Objectives, Expectations, and an Evaluation strategy
• Budget Preparation
• Establish Timeline and Meet Deadlines
• Develop Fundraising Strategy and Implementation
• Work with the Committee to Cultivate Cultural Partners and Financial Supporters, including establishment of a donor program, ad sales, and fundraising events
• Research and Recommend Artist Projects aligned with the Curatorial Theme
• Implement and Follow through with Curatorial Vision
• Recommend and Set Project Locations, Festival Site Plan and Flow
• Incorporate Accessibility Goals within Festival Scope
• Negotiate Artist Contracts
• Develop Proposal and Contract Agreement for Project Producer and associated contractors
• Act as Liaison between the Committee and Project Producer, who will establish and carry out the effective operations of the festival
• Establish and Oversee Volunteer Program
• Set and Manage a Standard for the Overall Festival Experience
• Develop and ensure deep level of Partner and Participant Engagement
• Develop Marketing Plan
• Oversee Creative outreach and production of materials for print, web, social media, printed program, Advertising, etc.
• Develop and lead Public Relations including Media Coverage
• Write Copy for Marketing, Press Releases, Programs, Ads, etc.
• Work with Graphic Designer and Printer
• Schedule and Coordinate Advertising
• Oversee Production and Display of Signage and Promotional Materials
• General Administrative duties including correspondence
• Provide a Comprehensive Report Following the Festival, including an Evaluation Summary

The ideal Festival Director will have a strong curatorial vision with the ability to inspire regional and international partners. They will have the ability to articulate the organization’s vision clearly and exemplify passion for the event, its partners, and projects. Strong organizational skills are a must with forward-thinking, innovative approaches to programming and problem solving.

• Bachelor’s degree preferred
• Minimum 5 years’ experience directing and curating festivals of similar scope
• Demonstrated experience in festival oversight and management
• Proven development and fundraising experience
• Demonstrated experience in contract writing and negotiation
• Experience working successfully with government entities
• Experience managing a variety of outdoor spaces and weather conditions
• Previous supervisory experience
• Established experience working with volunteers
• Willingness to work extended hours and perform tasks as needed throughout the festival

• Effective communicator and negotiator
• Excellent public speaker
• Proactive self-starter
• Strong organization and management skills
• Ability to manage time and priorities effectively

Members of Illuminate Coral Gables will evaluate submitted proposals and select a short-list of applicants who will be invited to conduct a site visit and interview. The selected professional will enter into an agreement with Illuminate Coral Gables.

Request for Proposals Released July 30, 2019
RFP Submission Deadline August 31, 2019
Proposals Reviewed / Short List Confirmed September 15, 2019
Site Visit & Interviews September 30, 2019
Selected Professional Confirmed & Contracted October, 2019

Illuminate Coral Gables January 15, 16, 17, 2019
Illuminate Coral Gables, Close-out actions complete  tbd

The City of Coral Gables, The City Beautiful, is a progressive, international, coastal and historic City. Coral Gables has a population of 51,000 residents, has a vibrant downtown and is home to the University of Miami. It is proud to be ranked by Forbes.com ninth out of America's Top 25 Towns to Live Well, and America's sixth most successful walkable suburb by the Wall Street Journal.

The City of Coral Gables is unique among the communities of Miami-Dade County in that it can trace its beginning to the early 20th century City Beautiful movement. The spirit of the City Beautiful movement was rooted in the notion that if cities were to be the centers of American progress then the infrastructure of those cities should be something that was celebrated. From tree plantings, to a robust street construction program, to key infill investments in the downtown core, the City of Coral Gables carries on that legacy today in its approach to public works and planning.

In the past three decades, the City has experienced healthy growth, which bolstered the economic base. Growth in the commercial sector has brought in new activities for residents, including nighttime entertainment, live music, new retail options, and casual and fine dining. It has also helped maintain low property taxes. Today, Coral Gables is home to approximately 155 multinationals and 26 consulates and trade offices.

The City supports the residential and business sectors with excellent City services, having attained the highest possible standards in every field. In fact, Coral Gables is the only City in the State of Florida and one of only two cities nationwide to have a Class 1 Fire Department, a fully accredited Police Department, and the highest awarded Building and Zoning Department rating. In addition, Coral Gables has been named a "Tree City USA" for 26 consecutive years, has an award-winning Communications Division, and offers a comprehensive Parks and Recreation program.

Applications are being accepted at: illuminatecoralgables@gmail.com
Due: August 31, 2019 at midnight
Cost of submittal and travel is not reimbursable

Please submit the following:
• Letter of Interest sharing your curatorial approach and why you feel you are the best match
• Desired Compensation
• Biography – Full (no more than one page) & Brief (up to 150 words)
• Resume
• Up to Ten Images of Related Work (no less than five images)
• 3 Professional References

Coral Gables Community Foundation
Closing Date: 
August 31, 2019