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José Manuel Dominguez, Artistic Director
Antiheroes Project
(786) 975-4891

José Manuel Domínguez, performer, theater director and writer is the Artistic Director of Antiheroes Project, a non-profit organization founded in 2011 with a group of collaborators.  With the goal of “Fostering inclusion through the arts and education”, the organization focuses on creating and presenting contemporary performing arts works, along with a strong educational component which includes year-round workshops series for individuals of all abilities.

About Nomadis

“One day, as Jack Kerouac was resting in his cabin, he heard one of Beethoven’s symphonies. There, sipping a cup of tea, he decided he would be a writer and not a football player any more. I wanted to write about that moment, so I stayed while all my friends left.” (Excerpt from Nomadis)

NOMADIS is an original theater piece by Antiheroes Project, and it had its premiere in August 2014. Inspired by the concept of freedom, the lives and works of some of the authors of the Beat Generation and memories of the very life of the performers, the piece is a collaborative experience and a theatrical laboratory that merges the complexity of a group of Miami based artists and the nomadic nature of the human being.

Nomadis is, in other words, a piece about a group of friends during their youthful days of glory; a story about the people who come and go in our lives, a universal tale of the fire that burns in all of us, a compilation about the dreams we once had.

About Fears

FEARS is an excerpt of Nomadis and the second scene of the piece out of a total of nine. This twenty minute fragment features elements of physical theater, live projections and sounds. It will be performed in Spanish and English, with supertitles in both languages.

Some other programmatic accommodations will be provided such as ASL interpretation, audio description, touch tour, large print and braille programs.


Claudio Marcotulli, Fernando Goicochea, José Manuel Domínguez, Sergio Mora.


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