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GOB funds will help in the transformation of this local icon, built in 1926, into a 21st century theatrical venue. The plan to return great regional theater to Coconut Grove must address the structural deterioration of the building, and provide a venue capable of serving as the home for GableStage, the planned successor theater company for the Playhouse.

Project Update (August 28, 2019)

County Judicial Appeal Update

As previously reported, Miami-Dade County submitted a petition to the Appellate Division of the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit on June 17, 2019, appealing the City of Miami Mayor’s veto of the County’s application for a final Certificate of Appropriateness for the Coconut Grove Playhouse project, along with a motion to expedite the briefing and oral argument to resolve this final approval and to move forward with the project.

The City of Miami has opposed the County’s request to expedite the briefing. The Court has given the City of Miami until September 8, 2019 to file its response to the County’s appeal.

The project to return great theater to the Coconut Grove Playhouse continues to move forward with progress being made on undertaking the procurement of the required asbestos abatement from the existing structure; finalizing the construction bid package for issuance; and moving forward in partnership with the Miami Parking Authority on the planning work on the garage and related development.

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