Heidi Johnson-Wright

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ADA Coordinator
Miami-Dade County, Miami, FL

(305) 375-3566

Heidi Johnson-Wright is an ADA compliance professional and attorney with over 30 years of public speaking experience. She has 25 years of experience in regulatory compliance and the built environment. Johnson-Wright began her public speaking career while in high school when she became a poster child for the Arthritis Foundation. She spoke on behalf of the Foundation for purposes of fund raising and public education, and made numerous TV and radio appearances. After earning her Juris Doctor degree from the Ohio State University College of Law, Johnson-Wright began working as an attorney for the State of Ohio.

For more than 10 years, Ms. Johnson-Wright did regulatory compliance for the state agency that enforces the Ohio Basic Building Code and served as an administrative law judge.  Ms. Johnson-Wright, who has used a wheelchair for mobility for 40 years, has published hundreds of articles on universal and inclusive design and the built environment.  As ADA Coordinator for Miami-Dade County, she is tasked with ensuring that every county facility, program, service and activity is accessible to and usable by residents with disabilities.  As an adjunct faculty member of the University of Miami School of Architecture, she lectures students on societal attitudes about people with disabilities and how this, in turn, shapes the way architects design structures.




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