Karen Peterson

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Artistic Director
Karen Peterson and Dancers, Miami, FL

(305) 298-5879

Karen Peterson and Dancers, founded in 1990, by Artistic Director Karen Peterson, is dedicated to physically integrated dance and to the development, education and presentation of the form through professional workshops and performances.  The company has presented an annual season of new work at multiple venues throughout South Florida and has spread the message of mixed-ability dance on a local, national and international level.  From New York City to Washington, D.C., to nine international countries, which include Brazil, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Montenegro, Bosnia, Ireland and Serbia, KPD has featured the work and taught dancers with diverse abilities for 25 years.

In honor of her work, Ms. Peterson has received multiple state and local choreography fellowships, a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the New World School of the Arts, a Bank of America "Cultural Award" from the American Red Cross, and a "Queen of the Arts” Award from the Miami Herald.

Karen Peterson is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory, has received numerous awards for her choreography and is a past VSA teaching artist, performer and trainer. Karen has developed and led “mixed-ability” dance events with her company KPD since 1990 and has represented Florida on a local, national and international level. She has taught and performed mixed-ability

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