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LabTV's project at Columbia University, in collaboration with the Department of Medicine, provides opportunities for student filmmakers to participate. LabTV's mission is to use video to attract young people, especially women and minorities, to the field of biomedical research. LabTV is launching an online initiative consisting of video profiles of emerging medical researchers working at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded labs at top universities across the nation. These profiles will be distributed through online platforms, including YouTube and a LabTV-specific website tailored to connecting high school and undergraduate students with stories of medical researcher mentors they can relate to and learn from. Each lab researcher video profile will be made by a student filmmaker/journalist on the same campus as the labs. Top videos will potentially be included in a special event with the Tribeca Film Festival around our launch in April. Additionally, LabTV will be hosting a competition where the best submitted videos with prizes totaling $10,000. 

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