Sensory-Friendly Toolkit for Cultural Organizations

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Thank you for attending the "Creating and Marketing Sensory-Friendly Cultural Events for Audiences & Visitors with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders" workshop! 

We have assembled this toolkit to assist cultural organizations with presenting their own Sensory-Friendly cultural programs.

Below you will find links and resources that were presented during the workshop.  In addition, we will continue to update the materials and add content as new information becomes available.

The information provided is intended to provide an overview of best practices, accommodations and appropriate modifications to consider when presenting a Sensory-Friendly cultural event, tour, or performance.  These materials are meant to be discussed as part of an in-depth technical assistance training for cultural organizations wishing to present a Sensory-Friendly cultural event, tour, or performance.

Please feel free to contact the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs at (305) 375-4634 if you need further assistance.  You can also email Francine Andersen at for more information.

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