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GableStage/GroveStage sent the update below to its suscribers to provide clarity on the project.

The architectural and engineering work on the Coconut Grove Playhouse is in its final stage. Bidding and construction are next. The County, FIU and GableStage are working to create a great home at the Playhouse for regional theater.
It is important to clarify the “drama” inspired by recent events and media coverage of the Playhouse.

The Facts About the Pending National Register Application

On August 9th, the State of Florida Historical Commission voted to submit an application to the US Department of Interior to nominate the Coconut Grove Playhouse to the National Register of Historic Places. Once the nomination report is finalized by the State Division of Historical Resources, we will post it here. Upon submittal of the nomination by the State, the federal government has 90 days to either approve or deny the application.

Updates to Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions have been updated to:

1. Provide access to all documents related to the County’s appeal to the action taken by the City Commission to overturn their own Historic and Environmental Preservation Board’s vote in support of the master plan for the property; and
2. Include the audit of the Lease for the Coconut Grove Playhouse property conducted by the Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of the Inspector General, and the County and FIU’s response.  

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?


With hurricane season underway, it’s important to review your hurricane preparedness plan. 

There are a variety of tools and resources individual artists and non-profit arts organizations can refer to when preparing for an emergency. The Arts & Business Council of Miami and the Craft Emergency Council, have prepared useful guides and compiled important links we can share to help you in the process.


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